Class Levels In Studio and Online

Class Levels
We offer the following levels:
  • Yoga Basics;
  • Gentle;
  • Beginner;
  • General;
  • Developing;
  • Established.
Yoga Basics
Designed for students with little or no experience of Yoga. These classes are run over a weekend before the start of each term.  They are ideal for those wising to 'try yoga'.  The Classes work through some of the basic yoga poses (asanas), posture, alignment of the muscular-skeletal body, and how to practice with awareness.  We finish each class with a  relaxation segment which will leave you feeling energized and grounded.  If you haven't practiced yoga before, this is the best place to start.
Gentle Yoga and General Yoga
Both these levels are open to beginner students as well as students with a general level of experience.  The Gentle class is suited to students who have arthritis, are stiff in the joints and muscles, who have sustained, or are recovering from an injury, a hip or knee replacement, or who simply wish to start slowly and work at a more relaxed pace.
Beginner Yoga Practitioners
Beginner students who have less than 12 months experience of yoga, or those who have completed a Yoga Basics Class, continue developing the basic poses and working with the skill of observation.  Each week the teacher takes you through a sequence of poses (called asanas) which include standing poses, seated poses, twists and some simple inversions.  This gives you a solid foundation across all the categories of poses and allows you to have the confidence to monitor your yoga practice around injuries and tight areas in the body, so that you can eventually practice yoga safely at home.  We encourage all our students to eventually be independent practitioners of yoga.  At this level we introduce basic philosophy alongside the asanas, together with breath awareness.  If you haven't practiced Iyengar Yoga before, we recommend you start at this level.
Developing Yoga Practitioners
For students with at least 12 months experience of yoga.  Students learn how to develop a capacity for self study by learning to get focused and quiet.  Pranayama is taught at this level and some of the classic texts are introduced as part of the philosophy syllabus, which continues to be applied to the asanas. Headstand is introduced and taught along with other inversions, baby balancings and backbends.  Students benefit from a solid foundation at beginner level to progress and develop a more complex and intuitive practice at this level.
Established Yoga Practitioners
The Established level requires that students have a home practice and have started to work independently of the teacher. Established Practitioners have a deeper understanding of yoga, including philosophy, Pranayama and the more subtle and intuitive concepts of Yoga.  Head stand and other more challenging inversions are developed at this level, along with more dynamic asanas that require strength, focus and commitment.  The emphasis at this level is on Svadhya, or self study.  If you wish to attend the Established Class, please contact Tricia beforehand. 
Led Practice
Led Practice is a great way to start to become an independent yoga practitioner.  Each Saturday morning, a Level 2 student or a teacher, leads the group through a sequence of asanas.  The leader calls the poses, and we all do them as a group.  Led Practice requires that you can monitor and adjust your practice to work sensibly and independently.  Please ask your teacher for further details.  It's a fantastic way to start the weekend.
Holiday Timetable
During the school holidays we operate a skeleton timetable.  The classes during the holidays are casual classes and are open to all students regardless of experience or level.  Attending classes in the holiday break is one way students can maintain their yoga practice between terms.
We offer workshops in a range of areas including women's yoga and starting a home practice.  Workshops help students to deepen their understanding of the subject of Yoga.  Please see the blog for details of upcoming workshops. 
Yoga for Children and Young Adults
In school holidays we offer workshops and classes for the following age groups:
3-6yrs:  The children are taken on an adventure over rolling oceans, through lush, green, damp forests, over hills, into caves and other locations to stimulate the imagination and senses.  Along the way they encounter animals and objects that introduce them to some of the yoga poses.  We sometimes go on a bear hunt, and after numerous yoga poses to build balance, focus, coordination and self confidence, we eventually arrive at the bear cave!  Take a look at our Facebook page to see video footage and photos of previous classes.
7-12yrs:  We continue to teach yoga poses to this age group to build confidence, balance and awareness.  We work with stories and imagery, particularly animals, to introduce the shape and action of poses in a fun and nonjudgmental environment.  Children love to contribute to the class at this age as they develop their knowledge of yoga, their self worth and identity.
13ys+:  In the Young Adult's class we work with flowing and dynamic poses to introduce 'meditation in action'.  Many of the poses we teach to this age group are energetic but not held for long periods of time so as to engage and challenge the mind.  We also include yoga poses that correct poor posture from sitting at a desk studying, or looking at devices for periods of time.  We teach inversions as well as restorative yoga to this group to refresh the brain and quieten the nervous system.  It is a perfect antidote to the potential stress of Years 11 and 12.
Kids Yoga Stories
We have developed and filmed 30min Yoga Stories for  3-6yrs children.  Fiona Hawke, who you may know from StoryTime at Orange City Library, writes and presents her own stories for children.   These stories use imagination, fables, well known songs and nature to take the children on a journey of learning and discovery.  They are suitable for children and kidults and are loads of fun.
The Kids Yoga Stories Collection is available for to stream for 7 days from date of purchase.   Browse the Collection on our Vimeo on Demand:
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NOTE: If you are a new student or haven't been to class in the last 6 months, please fill in the enrolment form
If you have any injuries or concerns, always notify your teacher.