Class Levels

Introductory Course

The 10 Week Introductory Course is designed for students who have either no yoga experience, or a small amount of experience.  We start at the very beginning, learning about posture and alignment of the musculo-skeletal body, how to connect with the breath and evenually how to develop a capacity for self study by learning to get focussed and quiet.  We  finish each class with a  relaxation segment which leave you feeling energised and grounded.

 Each week the teacher takes you through a sequence of basic yoga poses (called asanas) which include standing poses, seated poses, twists and some simple inversions.  This gives you a solid foundation across all the categories of poses and allows you to have the confidence to monitor your yoga practice around injuries and tight areas in the body, so that you can eventually practice yoga safely at home.  We encourage all our students to eventually be independent practitioners of yoga.  A range of workshops are scheduled each year to assist students to gain knowledge around the practice and philosophy of yoga.

Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes are for students with some experience of yoga.  You can also attend if you have no experience of yoga but we recommend the Introductory Course if possible.  Beginner level classes are open to casual attendance if places are available.  At the beginner level, we work through asanas that include standing poses, seated poses, twists and simple inversions.  There are varying degrees of experience at this level so we encourage all students to work steadily, applying themselves according to their ability and knowledge.  We always teach a relaxation segment at the end of class which creates a grounded and positive mindset upon leaving the class.  The basic philosophy is incorporated into the class.  Most students will stay in beginner level classes for 12 months.   We ask all new students to The Yoga Room to start at this level so that you can get to know our school and our teachers, learn how to use the equipment and have some time to settle into your yoga practice.  Basic instruction in Pranayama (breathwork) begins at this level.

Level 1 Classes

Level 1 classes are usually attended by students with at least 12 months experience of Iyengar Yoga.  The language and instruction change at this level because of the student's level of understanding of the practice of yoga.  Inversions like headstand are taught at level 1 and for this reason, most level 1 classes are term based and rely on weekly attendance for progression and consistency.  Philosophy is developed and applied to the practice and students are encouraged to develop a consistent home practice to support their work in class.  Pranayama (breathwork) is developed at this level.

Level 2 Classes

Most students working at this level have been practicing Yoga for at least 3 years and have a good understanding of basic yoga philosophy, including application and Svadhya (self study) in the practice of yoga.  Because the asanas taught at this level are more challenging, Level 2 students are expected to have a regular home practice.  Pranayama (breathwork) is taught at a more advanced level.  Knowledge of yoga philosophy is also developed and applied to the practice steadily and consistently.