Kids Yoga Stories

Learn, Listen and Play!

The Yoga Room is excited to offer Kids Yoga Stories!  Each story is written and presented by Fiona Hawke to engage children between the ages of 3 and 7yrs.


Kids Yoga stories from TheYogaRoom on Vimeo.


Fiona creates a space for children to learn Yoga, listen to a story and play, using their imagination.  Children move their bodies to form yoga poses in the shape of animals, trees and elements of the natural world.  They may go on an adventure to the moon, have a tea party with their fury friends, or go on a picnic to the beach,  all from their living room.  Kids Yoga Stories is Perfect fun for the school holidays and rainy weekends.


Buy or Rent a Story


We currently have six stories to choose from, with more to follow.  Choose to buy and download a story to keep, or rent for one week. Kidults love Kids Yoga Stories too, so the whole family can join in.