How to Start Yoga

This is a link to the Class Levels page.

 You should ideally start with the Introductory Course.  Over the 10 weeks of this course you will learn how to practise yoga safely and develop a level of knowledge about the yoga asanas (poses) and about your individual capacity to practice each asana.  Once this foundation is set, you will progress steadily and safely.  

If you are unable to attend the Introductory Course, then a Beginner Level class is the next best option.  We encourage all students to enrol for the 10 week term so that progression is consistent and rewarding.

If you want to try out one or two classes before committing to a full term, you can attend a Casual Class.  The Beginner Level classes (marked with an Asterix *) are open to casual attendance if they are not already fully booked.  

Please call, email or message Tricia at The Yoga Room before attending your first class or if you would like clarification of any of our courses, classes or workshops.