News: Easter Workshop, a Simple Sequence for Your Home Practice and Handy Tips

Hi there, it's Tricia here!

I can't believe we are halfway through term one already and Easter is just around the corner.  I hope you are enjoying your class and are gaining confidence with your yoga.  Steph, Fiona, Sharon and myself LOVE sharing our knowledge and seeing you grow and progress along the yoga path.  

This gorgeous autumn weather is perfect for an early morning practice.  So set your alarm 20 mins earlier tomorrow, roll out your mat and practice this simple sequence.  Afterwards, you will feel energised, clear headed and able to move through your day with ease.  

Home Practice

A Short Simple Morning Sequence

Handy hints for Practice:  Remember to keep your wareness on your breath and work to your individual capacity.  If you have the book How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta (see below), I have placed the relevant page number near the Asana so you can follow along. 

Forward Virasana (P 27):  Support forehead and buttocks to rest comfortably, especially if you have cranky knees.  Alternatively lay on your back with legs up the wall.  Relax the jaw, breath quietly for a minute or two.

Baddhangullyasana (p 17 seated version):  Stand in Tadasana or sit on a chair or with legs crossed. Interlock the fingers, press the palms away from the chest and inhale to raise the arms up.  Take 6 breaths.  Bring the arms down, change the interlock and go on the second side.  


Trikonasana (p 15):  From Tadasana (p 13), step or jump the feet apart, turn to the right.  Exhale the right hand to the shin, top arm stretching up.  Turn the chest and look up (if you are balanced).   You can take the top arm to a chair if feeling unstable, or if menstruating.  Inhale come up and go to the other side.

Warrior I (p 17):  From Tadasana, step or jump the feet wider than the last pose and turn to the right.  As you inhale, take the hands to hips (beginner) or take the arms above the head (experienced - as per image above).  Turn the right (toes out 90 degrees and turn the left toes in a little deeper) and turn the chest out over the right leg.  As you exhale, bend the right knee to a square.  Keep the left leg firm and left heel pressing to the mat to create stability.  Inhale come up, turn and go on the left side.  Keep hands to hips if menstruating or if too strong on the shoulders.

Marichyasana III:  Sit on a blanket or similar height with legs straight out in front (Dandasana).   Bend the right knee and place the heel close to the groin.  Inhale the left arm up, exhale and turn to the right, placing the left elbow on the outer right knee.  You can also clasp the knee for a gentler version.  Place the right hand on the floor or to a block to keep the spine straight.  Take 6 breaths, inhale to come back to the centre and repeat on the left side.  

Note:  If menstruating, twist on the open side, i.e. place the right elbow on the inside of the right knee and turn to the left. This way the abdomen is kept soft 


Savasana (p 49):  Lay on your back, close your eyes and focus on exhaling away any tension.  Stay for up to 10mins.

Gently roll to the side, come up to sitting and enjoy the effects of your practice.  Well done and have a great day!!

Book Review - How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta

This is a wonderful book for beginners as well as experienced students.   It is well illustrated with concise descriptions of each Asana.  It has a 10 week course as well as sequences for headaches, menstruation, stiff hips and stiff shoulders.  You can purchase a copy at the Studio for $25.00.  It's also widely available on line.

Easter Holiday Workshop 

'Can you answer your thoughts with the breath?'

This is a quote from an article I read recently and it stuck in my head.  It's such a simple question, and yet the challenge is very real.  This is the question ask ourselves in the Holiday Workshop.

I'm so excited to be offering this workshop.  I'm a real fan of this longer format which gives us the opportunity to look in more detail at this simple but challenging question.  I would love for you to join me while the weather is perfect for early morning practice.

The morning sessions will focus on active but steady, grounded asana practice.  The evenings will focus on quiet, inward looking asana with a focus on Pranayama (breathing exercises), Savasana and working towards meditation.  The workshop is suitable for all levels and will take your yoga to a place that is more considered, steady and thoughtful.  I offer all students the following times and options:

 Tuesday 21 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm Restorative Asana and Pranayama or Deep Savasana and meditation
Wednesday 22 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm As above
Thursday 23 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm  As above
Friday 24 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm As above.


8 sessions:  $175

6 sessions:  $145

4 sessions:  $100

2 sessions:  $54.

Booking now open.  Use this link: or enrol and pay in class.

See you on the mat! 

Other articles:

Pranayama Workshop 22 Sept 6.00-7.00pm and Sat 25 Sept 7.00-8.00am

Pranayama - the art of directing and channelling the breath

Pranayama is a very subtle and specific way of working in our yoga practice.  It requires that we are sensitive, observant and patient.  We may not yet have these qualities, and we may not yet fully understand the breathing exercises practised in Pranayama, but Pranayama is a great teacher.  


We grow when we learn.  During lockdown our living rooms can be transformed into areas of great learning and growth.  We don't even have to leave home to learn new things!  Things move and grow when we direct our focus and attention on them.  The Yoga Room is committed to providing opportunities for learning.  But learning also requires focus and action.  Action to step onto the mat and actually DO the practice.  It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't even have to be pleasant.  The effects of practising Pranayama will be there anyway.  If you wish to join Fiona's workshop, the link is below - click on the pranayama class in the schedule.  I encourage you to take that action and seep yourself in what Pranayama has to offer.



Why do Yoga?

Hi there beautiful yogis!

The school holidays are upon us and hopefully some sunny weather.  Gardens are looking wonderful and Spring gives us the flavour of fresh, new life.

Like the freshness of Spring, our external environment can change our perspective.  The only problem is that our external environment, the world around us, is always changing.  Sometimes we don't like what we see in front of us.  It's too cold, too hot, too hard, not enough ...  the list goes on.  We don't have control over our external environment.  But we do have control over our internal environment:  our thoughts, what we choose to focus on, and our internal stories.  The practice of yoga and pranayama teaches us to sit quietly and observe.  To watch our tendencies and our habits and the way we interact with the world.  By practising yoga, pranayama and meditation (3 of the 8 limbs), we build the skills to be present.  We learn to sit quietly with what goes on around us and, over time,  we are less reactive.  Our external environment no longer pulls us in so many different directions.  We are less distracted, more steady, more able to 'see' with a calm and grounded perspective.  The world will always be changing and fluctuating, but the question is how will you move through the world?  How can you sit in your 'centre' or your 'Self' rather than being pulled away?  This is a big question.

We are wired to move towards pleasure, or away from pain.  If we go with this, it may work for a short time.  There is a syndrome called 'shiny new objects'.  Most of us love a bit of this.  A new dress bought online, new tools for the shed, a better table for the kitchen, or even a new kitchen!  All of this is fine, but it's never enough.  A new dress or tools don't actually make us happy in the long term.  A new car doesn't keep us fulfilled for years on end.

So what's the answer?  We can only answer this question for ourselves.  For me the answer lies in two areas.  The first is to work on the inside - to cultivate a steady 'Self' so coping with the outside stuff is less overwhelming.  LIfe will always throw stuff at us that we don't like, usually when you least expect it.  The second is to keep learning and growing.  

Both of these take a lot of effort and we live in a society where effort is not valued.  The quick fix, the easy way, the most pleasant etc etc etc.  I had a conversation last week with my teacher Alan Goode.  He made the comment that practising Iyengar Yoga has become more at odds with the world.  Iyengar Yoga asks that you get on the mat and practice.  It's a practice-based form of learning.  When you step onto the mat, you may not like what you see.  It may be difficult emotionally, physically, and in all sorts of ways.  There is no music, no bells and whistles.  It's just you and the practice - asana, pranayama, meditation.  But if you do your class and a little regular home practice, if you sit quietly for a few mins every day, you see things about yourself that you don't see reflected back to you in a new kitchen or a new dress.  You learn things about yourself by showing up and observing.  To show up is for most of us the hardest thing of all.  To be consistent, to go against what the world values, is to tread the path of yoga in a very personal way.  To be curious enough to learn; to do your class, whether you feel like it or not, to practise pranayama, when it makes you want to scream and run out of the room, to sit and watch yourself, without reacting, is often the hardest thing you will have to work on in life.  The hint of spring, the ray of light that comes out of this consistency, is the opportunity to learn and progress and to be steady and content in yourself.  To cultivate the internal landscape is such a challenge, but its rewards are immense.  For me, the practice I have done over the years has taught me a lot about myself.  I am still very much a beginner and I am still learning.  Learning how to accept what is, learning to be grateful with what I have, letting go of what I thought would happen.  This is why I practise Yoga.  

If you wish to join me, and many other yoga practitioners, in this endeavour, jump on the mat and keep practising.  The key is consistency - a little over a long period of time.  I've never heard anyone say they regretted the time they spent on the mat.




Self Care Saturday 7 August

Class 4.00-5.30pm this Saturday

Taking time out and looking after our physical and mental health is so important at the moment.  This Saturday I will teach a steady, quiet class to calm the nervous system, allowing ourselves times to stop doing, thinking, working, reacting, and anything else that is taking up head space.  

The class is open to all levels and will support immune health as well as creating time to be still and experience a more silent internal landscape.

Book using your pass or come along as a casual and pay on the day.  Booking link below.  See you on the mat!!

Classes are back in Studio as well as Online

A quick post to confirm that all our classes are being taught in the studio, as well as online.  As students, you have great flexibility to choose how you wish to attend your classes.  Having online and studio options set up, allows us to keep classes running during lockdowns.  If you wish to attend online, please book via punchpass with the link below.  If attending in the studio, please use punchpass if possible, or email me to signal your attendance and I will reserve a place for you.

I know it's been a tough time for some of our yoga community and I know that it's tempting to let your yoga practice take a back seat.  Dust yourself off, move it to the front, and keep yourself calm and grounded as life continues to dip up and down.  

A regular class provides a stable point amongst the uncertainty we are experiencing.  Should you be experiencing hardship, please email me for assistance to attend your regular classes.

See you on the mat!


 Link to Book: 

All Yoga Classes are now Online

Hi there everyone,

I hope you are all keeping warm and positive.  To adapt to lockdown restrictions and to keep you all on the mat, we have taken all our classes online.  This went into effect on Wednesday and will continue until the lockdown finishes (whenever that might be).  Fortunately, we have been conducting all our classes both in the studio and online for over 12 months now, so the transition has been seamless.  

Booking Online

If you haven't already cancelled your studio classes for the next week, please do so and rebook online.  If you haven't yet accessed classes on line, it's actually really simple.  

  • First, book your online class.  You can use your term pass or purchase a casual pass.  You can book from the timetable page of the website as usual or from the punchpass link:
  • If you plan to do the classes from your phone, you will need to download the zoom app to your iPhone or smart phone.
  • If you're on a desktop or laptop, simply click on the link that is emailed to you 15-20 mins before the class starts, and it will automatically bring you into the class.
  • Please make sure you book your online class 1hr before the start time to receive the link.  The link is automatically generated and sent to your email. 


When you come into the class, please mute yourself so that we can't hear what's going on in your lounge room.  It's the button showing a microphone.  After the class you may wish to have a chat to everyone else in the class.

Thank you for your support in this crazy time!  We really appreciate it.

Yoga Props

I have the following props for sale at the moment if it helps you get set up at home.  (You really only need a mat and a block and perhaps a belt).  Any blankets will suffice.

3 x How to Use Yoga books - $30 each

2 x blocks - $18 each

2 x half blocks - $15 each

1 x belt - $16 each

3 x mats - $23 each

4 x prs of shoulder stand supports with covers - $82 pr

10 x eye pillows with silk covers - $20 each

Contact me if you would like to purchase of of these.

Steph, Fiona, Sharon and myself look forward to seeing you in class online next week.  I will keep you informed via email of any changes to restrictions.


Term 3 Bookings

Hello there everyone!

A note to let you know that Term 3 bookings will open in the next few days.  I am proceeding as usual and will put in place any further COVID measures if advised by NSW Government.  We are all set up and have our systems in place should we need to go online at any time in the near future.  I am hoping that will not be the case but will keep you informed if anything changes.  

The holiday timetable for next week is as follows:

Wednesday 7 July 6-7.30pm - General Open Class with Tricia

Thursday 8 July 9.30-11.00am - General Open Class with Tricia.

I feel very strongly that the practice of Yoga is a comprehensive and simple way to stay calm and steady in the midst of the current uncertainty.  I encourage you all to keep up your yoga by attending studio classes (wearing a mask at present), attending online classes or doing your own practice at home.

I will soon send around an email with a sequence that is restorative, calming and supports the immune system.  I hope you will use this sequence to practice at home.

In the meantime, be positive, be kind to yourself and others and I will see you on the mat soon.