Yoga News - The end of 2019 and the start of 2020

It's almost the end of the year!  Thank you to all our students for your dedication and attendance in classes, workshops, Led Practice and other events during 2019.  All students have made steps along the path of learning, studying and practising yoga this year.  Many students have now attended the Home Practice Workshop and have their own regular home practice.  This type of commitment is so visible to teachers and it is so rewarding to see students developing their yoga practice and growing as individuals as well.  

I would particularly like to point out the significant progression of two of our Level 2 students who have worked very diligently and consistently over the past few years.  Kim Gilbank has been accepted to undertake Teacher Training in Canberra with Alan Goode commencing next year.  To train as an Iyengar Teacher is a huge commitment involving trips to Canberra for 7 day blocks, daily practice, anatomy and physiology study, philosophy study and much much more.  Kim's commitment is evident in her strong home practice, her unwavering attendance in class and her ability to see a positive in each asana.  We send to Kim our best wishes and support for her teacher training and study next year.

Owen Williams (pictured)  has been a student at the school for several years having started in the Intro Course with Fiona, moved to Steff's Level 1 class and then the Level 2 class this year.  Ironically Owen expressed his reticence to step up to Level 2 this year!  I am very impressed with his level of application in class and his devotion to home practice, not to mention his endless curiosity and questions!  Owen has been working through the 'Introduction to Sadhana' course (which translates as Introduction to Practice) this year which is designed for students who are wanting to deepen their understanding of the practice of Yoga.  The Sadhana Course is also run through Yoga Mandir and is an online course with guidance from a coordinator in Canberra.  If you are interested in undertaking the Sadhana course I am sure Owen will be happy to speak to you.

Last day of term 4 and First day of Term 1 2020

Our last day of term is Saturday 21 December.  The Yoga Room will reopen on Thursday 2 January with the holiday timetable.  Please see blog post below for Holiday Timetable and please come to class to keep your yoga practice up during the break.  

I will hold an Intensive commencing Wednesday 22 January through to Saturday 25 January - blog post below also.  Our first day of Term 1 2020 is Monday 3 February.  Bookings for term bookings are now open online.

YogArt for 3-12yrs and 7-12yrs

See post below for details of YogArt on Wednesday 22 January.

See you all next week for the last week of classes in Term 4!


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Casual Class Tues 28 January and Start Dates for Term 1

I hope that all students have enjoyed a break and are ready to come back to class for Term 1 2020.  I am really looking forward to seeing you all again to begin a new year of yoga.  Steph, Fiona and Sharon are also excited to begin a new term with continuing students to start 2020 with a positive commitment to the practice of yoga.

Term 1 starts on Monday 3 February.  Please enrol online at  On line payments can be made by PayPay, direct deposit or credit card.  If paying cash or cheque, please let me know you are committing to a class and I can place you on the appropriate class role. 

Casual class Tuesday 28 January

I will teach a casual class next Tuesday for those students who wish to get back on the mat in preparation for the start of the new term.  All levels welcome and encouraged.  You can use the casual booking button on line or pay cash in class on the night.  I look forward to seeing you next week!


YogArt - Yoga and Art for Children Wed 22 January

We will again hold YogArt in the January holidays 2020.  This workshop is a fun and healthy way for children to express themselves and learn yoga in a nonjudgmental, friendly environment.  We start with a yoga session followed by a snack, then art led by Abigail Hawke who is a primary school teacher.  We have fun exploring yoga poses within a story or an adventure.  We use our imagination, move our bodies and learn some mindful ways of working together as a group and individuals.  Sometimes the teachers have more fun than the students!

3-6yrs    9.00-10.45am - Yoga and Art

7-12yrs  11.00am-1.00pm - Yoga and Art

The workshops include yoga and art tuition, snacks and art supplies.

Please arrive 5mins before your session and bring a drink bottle and a paint shirt to keep clothes protected.



Term 1 2020, Casual Holiday Classes in January, and January Intensive

Enrolment for Term 1 2020

Wishing all our students a wonderful 2020 filled with learning and progression along the path of yoga.  Term 1 commences on Monday 3 February and if you haven't yet enrolled, please do so asap.  Enrolments are open on line or you may pay a deposit by placing $20 in an envelope and delivering it under Yoga Room door to secure your place.  

Casual Holiday classes

If you're still procrastinating after a holiday, now is the time to get on the mat and start 2020 by rebooting your yoga practice.  All students are very welcome to join Steph for the remaining two holiday classes.  All the classes are casual and open to all levels.  

The new casual rate for 2020 is $24, but for the January classes, it will remain at $23.

Thursday 16 Jan 9.30-11.00am Casual Class with Steph
Tuesday 21 Jan 6.00-7.30pm

Casual Class with Steph


Bookings for Casual classes can paid in class on the day or on line at  Use Tuesday 5.15pm and Thursday 9.30am Casual Class booking buttons.

January Intensive 22-25 January

There are still places left in the Intensive and all students are welcome to attend.  The Intensive format gives us the time to develop and refine our yoga practice and to experience the effects of steady, consistent progression over these 4 days. There are 6 Sessions as follows:

Wednesday 22 January 5.30pm-7.30pm – Asana/Restorative
Thursday 23 & Friday 24 January 6.30-8.00am - Active Asana
Thursday 23 & Friday 24 January 5.45-7.30pm - Restorative/Pranayama
Saturday 25 January 8.30am-10.45am - Asana
Saturday 25 January 11.30am-1.00pm – Setting Goals for 2020 Workshop.

Attendance at all 6 sessions is recommended as the Intensive is taught as a complete learning unit, but the following variations are offered:
6 sessions $180 +free Setting Goals Workshop
5 sessions $150 (add $30 for Setting Goals Workshop)
4 Sessions $130 (add $30 for Setting Goals Workshop).

A deposit of $30 is required upon booking.  Please email me with your intention to attend and specify which sessions you will attend.  I will then email you bank deposit details.

Setting Goals Workshop

This workshop is separate to the Intensive and students are welcome to attend the workshop without attending the Intensive.  Students who attend all 6 sessions of the Intensive may attend the workshop free of charge.   Bookings essential.

Steph, Fiona, Sharon and myself look forward to spending another term on the mat progressing and learning together in Term 1 2020.

Happy New Year - 2020: A New Decade

Happy New Year to everyone in our yoga community!  

I know most of you have heard this before (because I say it every year), BUT .......  I do love the New Year.  The promise of a fresh start and the infinite possibilities that come with it, is irresistible.  2020 is also a new decade, which is twice as exciting.  

Setting Goals  Workshop Saturday 25 January 11.30am-1.00pm

Setting goals gives us direction, momentum and extends us to look more deeply at what we want to achieve.  Setting goals is a great way to help us have a purpose and to make ourselves accountable.  At the beginning of each year I set my goals for the next three months, for one year, 3 yrs and 5 yrs.  If you would like to do the same, join me for the Setting Goals Workshop on 25 January.  I would love to take you through this process and set you up for 2020 and into the future.  We may even make a 10 year goal to celebrate the new decade.  You may wish to set some goals around your yoga practice.  You may wish to practice Headstand (Sirsasana) proficiently, get your health on track, improve your finances or find some balance with family and work.  The cost is $30 and is open to anyone.  Friends and family are welcome.  The Setting Goals Workshop is free to students attending all sessions of the Intensive (22 January to 25 January).

Begin the new decade with positivity and direction!  Contact me to enrol in this workshop.  You will be most welcome!

Give the Gift of Health for Christmas

I hope you are staying calm and centred in the face of this frantic time leading up to Christmas.  As part of the usual last minute shopping, I have had a few calls for gift vouchers over the past few days.   I am working from home and happy to be available for anyone wanting a voucher for classes or yoga equipment up until 3.00pm on Christmas Eve.  There is loads of equipment in stock, ready and waiting to find a home and get put to work on the mat.

Fiona, Steff, Sharon and myself wish all our students a healthy, safe and fun Christmas with lots of laughs, the odd present and happy times with family and friends.  

Until 2020, stay well and keep practising your yoga!

January 2020 Holiday Timetable

Begin 2020 by renewing your commitment to your yoga practice.  Consistent, regular practice brings rewards in many ways.  Practising yoga regularly encourages a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude and an ability to remain centred when the world around is unpredictable, overwhelming or just plain busy.  All students are very welcome to join Steph for the following classes to maintain their practice over the holidays.  All the classes are casual and open to all levels.  

The new casual rate for 2020 is $24, but for the January classes, it will remain at $23.

Thursday 2 Jan 9.30-11.00am Casual Class with Steph
Tuesday 7 Jan 6.00-7.30pm Casual Class with Steph
Thursday 9 Jan 9.30-11.00am Casual Class with Steph
Tuesday 14 Jan 6.00-7.30pm Casual Class with Steph
Thursday 16 Jan 9.30-11.00am Casual Class with Steph
Tuesday 21 Jan 6.00-7.30pm Casual Class with Steph


Bookings for Casual classes can paid in class on the day or on line at  Use Tuesday 5.15pm and Thursday 9.30am Casual Class booking buttons.

Bookings for Intensive to be paid in class or via direct deposit.

Term 1 2020 commences on Monday 3 February and is a 10 week term for all students.  Term 1 2020 bookings opened on Monday 9 December.