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Easter Holiday Update

Classes over the Easter break are on the blog.

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The Five Koshas

In the last blog I gave a short description of each of the five koshas.  In this blog I have included a link to a YouTube tutorial explaining the concepts of the koshers and their relationship to each other.  I hope this tutorial contributes to your understanding of the Koshas and helps to give you some context for your yoga practice.  By understanding the Koshas you can apply your understanding to your practice.  In this way you create a living philosophy that you practice on the mat, and eventually in your daily life.

Se you on the mat!


Watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEdC9UOa_Ak&t=511s

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Timetable Term 1 2021

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  

The teachers are so excited to be teaching in the studio and online.  I encourage you to make a commitment to your yoga and carve out time to look after your physical and mental health.  We look forward to serving you in class again and watching your progression.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.30am Dynamic
60min - Sharon
6.30am Pranayama
60min - Fiona
7.15am Led Practice*
75 min
9.30am General
90min - Steph
9.30am Gentle
90min - Sharon
9.30am General
90min - Tricia
Weekend Workshops
(see website for details)
6.00pm Experienced
90min - Tricia
6.00pm Beginner
60min - Tricia
5.30pm Beginner
60min - Fiona
5.30pm Developing
75min - Tricia
Yoga Basics
Sat 17 & Sun 18 April 3.30-4.30pm
6.45pm Developing
90min - Fiona
6.00pm Beginner**


*    Denotes Online only

**   Denotes Streamed Class

Join us and book your class online:  https://orangeyogaroom.punchpass.com/classes?jw=undefined&as=client.