Why do Yoga?

Hi there beautiful yogis!

The school holidays are upon us and hopefully some sunny weather.  Gardens are looking wonderful and Spring gives us the flavour of fresh, new life.

Like the freshness of Spring, our external environment can change our perspective.  The only problem is that our external environment, the world around us, is always changing.  Sometimes we don't like what we see in front of us.  It's too cold, too hot, too hard, not enough ...  the list goes on.  We don't have control over our external environment.  But we do have control over our internal environment:  our thoughts, what we choose to focus on, and our internal stories.  The practice of yoga and pranayama teaches us to sit quietly and observe.  To watch our tendencies and our habits and the way we interact with the world.  By practising yoga, pranayama and meditation (3 of the 8 limbs), we build the skills to be present.  We learn to sit quietly with what goes on around us and, over time,  we are less reactive.  Our external environment no longer pulls us in so many different directions.  We are less distracted, more steady, more able to 'see' with a calm and grounded perspective.  The world will always be changing and fluctuating, but the question is how will you move through the world?  How can you sit in your 'centre' or your 'Self' rather than being pulled away?  This is a big question.

We are wired to move towards pleasure, or away from pain.  If we go with this, it may work for a short time.  There is a syndrome called 'shiny new objects'.  Most of us love a bit of this.  A new dress bought online, new tools for the shed, a better table for the kitchen, or even a new kitchen!  All of this is fine, but it's never enough.  A new dress or tools don't actually make us happy in the long term.  A new car doesn't keep us fulfilled for years on end.

So what's the answer?  We can only answer this question for ourselves.  For me the answer lies in two areas.  The first is to work on the inside - to cultivate a steady 'Self' so coping with the outside stuff is less overwhelming.  LIfe will always throw stuff at us that we don't like, usually when you least expect it.  The second is to keep learning and growing.  

Both of these take a lot of effort and we live in a society where effort is not valued.  The quick fix, the easy way, the most pleasant etc etc etc.  I had a conversation last week with my teacher Alan Goode.  He made the comment that practising Iyengar Yoga has become more at odds with the world.  Iyengar Yoga asks that you get on the mat and practice.  It's a practice-based form of learning.  When you step onto the mat, you may not like what you see.  It may be difficult emotionally, physically, and in all sorts of ways.  There is no music, no bells and whistles.  It's just you and the practice - asana, pranayama, meditation.  But if you do your class and a little regular home practice, if you sit quietly for a few mins every day, you see things about yourself that you don't see reflected back to you in a new kitchen or a new dress.  You learn things about yourself by showing up and observing.  To show up is for most of us the hardest thing of all.  To be consistent, to go against what the world values, is to tread the path of yoga in a very personal way.  To be curious enough to learn; to do your class, whether you feel like it or not, to practise pranayama, when it makes you want to scream and run out of the room, to sit and watch yourself, without reacting, is often the hardest thing you will have to work on in life.  The hint of spring, the ray of light that comes out of this consistency, is the opportunity to learn and progress and to be steady and content in yourself.  To cultivate the internal landscape is such a challenge, but its rewards are immense.  For me, the practice I have done over the years has taught me a lot about myself.  I am still very much a beginner and I am still learning.  Learning how to accept what is, learning to be grateful with what I have, letting go of what I thought would happen.  This is why I practise Yoga.  

If you wish to join me, and many other yoga practitioners, in this endeavour, jump on the mat and keep practising.  The key is consistency - a little over a long period of time.  I've never heard anyone say they regretted the time they spent on the mat.




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Celebrate and be of Service - International Yoga Day and Floods Fundraiser Class

Saturday 18 June 2.30pm Class and 3.30pm Afternoon Tea

On Saturday 18 June at 2.30pm we are holding a class for our yoga community and anyone wishing to join us to celebrate International Yoga Day. We are making this celebration about service. The class is $30 which includes a cuppa.  After the class, we will have afternoon tea.  Cake and slice will be available for purchase for a small amount for anyone wishing to indulge.  The proceeds of the class and the afternoon tea will be donated to the CWA to be distributed to their Lismore branch to help those still in need of food, clothing, shelter and support after the floods in Northern NSW.  If you can't attend the class, please join us afterwards at 3.30pm for tea and cake. The need for support in Northern NSW is still great and I invite you to join the teachers to be of service to those in need. Use the link below to purchase a pass for the 'Floods
Fundraiser class'. You can join us online or in the studio. I will also have a donation box at the studio for anyone wishing to contribute. Thank you for your support. Namaste.


Yoga Basics Weekend 29 and 30 January

Are you are curious about Yoga and the benefits it has to offer? Would you like to 'try yoga'?

The Yoga Basics weekend is a great way to come into the studio, and do a class in a friendly environment with no pressure. We have a covid plan and you must be double vaxed.   There are two classes available - you can come along to one, or both.

Saturday 29 Jan 3.30-4.30pm
Sunday 30 Jan - 3.30-4.30pm.

$15 for one day,
$25 for both.

I am a certified teacher with a passion for helping everyone access yoga. I have been teaching since the opening of The Yoga Room in 1997. You are very welcome to see what Yoga has to offer you - which is lots! A regular yoga class helps you to stay focussed, calm, develop strength, and learn to be quiet and still amongst the busy nature of our lives. Feel free to email me if you would like to ask questions: tricia@orangeyogaroom.com.au.  Use the link below to buy a pass for one day or  both.  You will be very welcome!

See you on the mat!



Setting Goals Workshop - 10.30am Saturday 22 January

Hello everyone!  

The January Intensive started this morning but if you would like to join us for 4 or 6 sessions, then please let me know.  You can attend in the studio, or online.  The theme of the Intensive is Support, Lengthen and Release and it's suitable for all levels.

Tomorrow (Sat 22 Jan) I will again hold the annual Setting Goals Workshop.  Incidentally, 20 January was peak time to set goals, so we are not far off that date!  I am offering this workshop free as I think it's a great way to start the year and think about what you would like to achieve.  What goals do you wish to set?  In what areas of your life do you need to pay the most attention?  You can participate in the studio or online.  Use the link below and the discount code SETGOALS2022 at the checkout to waive the attendance fee.

Bring coloured pencils/textas to create your goals chart.

I hope you will take advantage of both these offerings and join me to set yourself up with a clear vision of what you want, even though we are off to a rough start!

Yours in Yoga


Book for Studio:  https://orangeyogaroom.punchpass.com/classes/10048320

Book for Online:  https://orangeyogaroom.punchpass.com/classes/10052137

Classes, Passes and Memberships for 2022

Hello everyone!  

We are commencing our regular timetable on Monday 31 January.  All our classes are in studio and online so you have the choice to stay at home, or come into the studio.  We are abiding by all government regulations, including QR codes, vaccinations, distancing and regular cleaning of the studio.  Please be assured we are doing everything possible to keep you all safe and healthy.

There are some additions and slight changes to the timetable this year so read below to see how it rolls out.  I have also created lots of options to be regular in your attendance, either online in your home, or in the studio.  

Ready Steady Focus is a new 30min class which targets a particular area of the body, like the shoulders.  Or we might focus on meditation, or relaxation, or the immune system.  

So read on to find out what we have on offer:


9.00-10.30am - General with Tricia
6.00-7.30pm - Experienced with Tricia


5.30-6.00pm - Ready Steady Focus with Tricia*
6.15-7.15pm - Beginner with Tricia


6.30-7.30am - Led Practice with Kim*
9.00-10.15am - Gentle with Sharon
5.30-6.30pm - 10wk Introductory Course with Fiona
6.45-8.15pm - Intermediate/Developing with Fiona


9.00-10.30am - General with Tricia
5.30-6.45 - Intermediate/Developing with Sharon


7.00-7.30am - Ready Steady Focus with Tricia*



7.00-8.00am - Iyengar Flow with Kim
4.30-6.00pm - Self Care Saturday 1st Saturday of each month.

* denotes online only.


Passes and Memberships

The memberships below are amazing value and allow you to explore your practice and deepen your understanding of Yoga and yourself.  When you sign up for a membership, a weekly amount is taken from your card as it normally would when you purchase a pass.  This means you are not having to find a larger amount of money every 10 weeks.  You can cancel or pause your membership at any time and 7 days notice is required to process your request.  You can read the conditions on the membership page of the website.  You can still purchase a 10 or a 20 class pass, or a casual pass.

Membership 1 - $29/week (includes 1 x class per week, in studio or online, and Led Practice online).

Membership 2 - $37/week (includes 2 x classes per week, in studio or online, and  Led Practice).  

Membership 3 - $42/week (includes 3 x classes per week, in studio or online, and Led Practice).

Membership Unlimited - $49/week (includes unlimited classes per week, in studio or online, and Led Practice online).

10 Class Pass -  $230 (includes 10 x classes valid for 3 months, in studio or online).

20 Class Pass - $380 (includes 20 x classes valid for 3 months, in studio or online).

Casual Class $26 (1 x class online or in the studio)
Casual Concession Class $24 (1 x class online or in the studio)

Ready Steady Focus Class $10 (1x class online)

10 Led Practice Pass Term $100 (includes 10 x sessions online)
Casual Led Practice $12 (1 x session online)

Yoga Basics 1 day $15
Yoga Basics 2 days $25

Free New Student Pass (unlimited classes for 10 days).

Use this link to see the passes/memberships or go to the Timetable or Membership page on the website.


We look forward to seeing you online or in the studio!  Keep healthy, keep practising yoga, and keep being kind to each other.


Join us for YogArt on Thursday 20 January.  This is a fun and educational activity for children from 3yrs+.  We have three age groups:


3-6yrs - 9.00am-10.45am
7-12yrs - 15.15am-12.45pm
13yrs+ - 1.00-3.00pm.


1  child - $55
2 children - $100
3 children - $140.

Fiona from StoryTime at Orange City Library takes the 3-6yrs on an adventure through story, incorporating yoga poses with balance, focus, flexibility and listening skills.  Sharon teaches more dynamic poses to the 7-12yrs coordinating breath with movement and ending with a relaxation segment.  The 13yrs+ will work with more complex poses, developing awareness, mindfulness and being present.

The children and young adults always love YogArt and so do the teachers.  It's fun to see young yogis develop skills that can be used in every day life.

Purchase and book for YogArton this link:  https://app.punchpass.com/passtypes.


Get Ready for 2022

New Year and a New Beginning

Hello there and hello cocky!  From beautiful Manly I am working on the new memberships and passes for 2022, which will be ready for bookings very soon.  I had a visitor last night so I'm not working alone!  A reminder that whilst I am taking some time off, the office is closed until 10 January. 

In the meantime, you can purchase casual passes for the January holiday classes right now.  You can also book for the January Intensive and the Setting Goals Workshop, the Yoga Basics classes for new students, and YogArt.  Use the link below to book.  

And another thing ...  if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you will receive the Setting Goals Workshop free.  Like us and look out for the post in the next few days.  It's not only a great way to start a new year, but a very necessary one.  It creates purpose and motivation for the year ahead and also helps us to reflect on the past.  I am really excited to be offering this workshop for those who want to start 2022 with a fresh and positive attitude and a clear path forward.

Stay posted for bookings for 2022 regular timetable of classes.  Until then, take special care,


Book workshops and classes: