Led Practice - a bridge to your home yoga practice

As teachers, we are always harping on about the benefits of a home practice. There are many reasons for this which I won’t go into here. The teachers of The Yoga Room (with the help of some level 2 students) hold a Led Practice session every Saturday morning from 7.00am til 8.30am. It runs pretty much all year round, except for Christmas holidays.

Attending Led Practice is a great way to start to become independent of your teacher and work towards practicing at home on your own.

What is led practice?

A teacher or student will call a sequence of Asanas (or poses) and proceed to do them. Everyone follows along, adjusting their own timings, using equipment or maybe not even doing some of the poses. Everyone in the room is doing their own practice, using their own knowledge and working at their own pace. Nobody is going to call you out on anything, judge you on your yoga or even comment. There is usually a teacher present to help if anyone needs help but essentially we all stay on our own mats and do our own practice.

How do I start led practice?

Speak with your teacher about Led Practice if you are thinking of coming along. Your teacher will confirm all the details and answer any questions. To encourage students to come along, as from this week I am introducing a new pricing structure that can be used in conjunction with your term classes or independently.

It looks like this: Casual session – $15 5 sessions – $65 10 sessions paid with term fees – add $100 to your fees. If Led Practice runs in school holidays (which it usually does) then you can do make ups in the holidays, but only within the current term. You can take the 5 session option and use it over the whole term so there is some flexibility.

Thank you to Clair (who is one of our level 2 students) for her thoughts, set out below, on her experience of Led Practice over the past few years, set out below:

Why do led practice?

Having taken some time to get my head around the idea of an early Saturday yoga practice I have become a convert. Now, like all good converts, I’m driven by a need to convince others.

But isn’t it early on a Saturday?

Yes, but you have to get up at some point and sleep is what Saturday afternoons are for. No-one ever felt worse after yoga.

I’m not good enough though…

Good enough for whom? Does it matter? Would letting going of the comparisons and competitiveness make a difference to your practice?

...and I don’t know all those Hindi names!

Most of the poses you will have done before and it’s a great way to learn all the names.

...If a yoga class is like going to training, then led practice is like playing the game. It’s fun, it focuses, it challenges, it reinforces, it extends, it’s non-judgemental and it gives you the confidence to build on your yoga practice.

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Join our four week Pranayama course in January

'Prana is usually translated as breath, yet this is only one of its manifestations in the human body.  Prana is the energy permeating the universe at all levels.  It is physical, mental, spiritual and cosmic energy.  All vibrating energies are prana.  All physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism and electricity are also prana.  It is the hidden or potential energy in all beings, released to the fullest extent in times of danger.  It is the prime mover of all activity.  It is the energy which creates, protects and destroys.  Vigour, power, vitality, life and spirit are all forms of prana.'                    

BKS Iyengar, Light on Pranayama


Four consecutive Tuesdays:  6.00-7.00pm 2, 9, 16 and 23 January

Steph will teach the basics in the first week including placement of the body, setting up and preparing for pranayama.  The following weeks will focus on various pranayamas both lying and sitting.

Students with three months experience of yoga welcome.

Cost:     Four sessions           $70
Three Sessions        $57
Two Sessions           $40
Single Session         $22

*  Introductory and Beginner students please note you must attend weeks 1 and/or  2 if selecting single sessions or two sessions only.  Follow the link below to book all four weeks, or book and pay at The Yoga Room for one, two or three sessions.  Email tricia@orangeyogaroom.com.au or via Facebook 

Book your place now

Sound Bath Meditation at The Yoga Room 18 November

This event is fast approaching and it will be a deeply relaxing and unique experience.  Bookings through Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com.au/myevent?eid=37965157809 You can also pay and book through me at The Yoga Room.

Spring Weekend Workshop 20 October-22 October

There are still places available for the workshop which is open to all students with 3 months experience of Yoga.  We start this evening at 5.30pm so let me know if you would like to join us to restore your energy and renew your commitment to your yoga practice.

Price Increase for Term 4

Dear students,

I have made a slight price increase this term due to increasing overheads.  A ten week term is now $185.  The new price structure is on the website under the timetable tab.  Thank you for your understanding.

Spring Weekend Workshop 20, 21 and 22 October

Friday 20 October 5.30pm-7.00pm, Saturday 21 October 4.00pm-5.30pm and Sunday 22 October 8.30-10.30am and 4.30pm-6.00pm

Spring is a time of change and unfolding.  It is a time to leave behind any old unwanted patterns and habits that no longer serve us, and to make way for fresh and more relevant and meaningful choices.  It's a great time to leave the hibernation of winter and renew our commitment to the practice of Yoga to support this seasonal change. We will be working with some of the 8 limbs in this workshop and looking at asanas to boost energy and also asanas to rest and restore the body.

Students with 3 months experience of yoga welcome.   Cost $180.  Book at The Yoga Room, on messenger or via website.

Term 4 classes start tomorrow 9 October.

We look forward to seeing all students back in class again this term.  Classes commence tomorrow and run for 10 weeks.  There are a number of workshops scheduled for this term.  Please see previous post.   More information about individual workshops to follow.