Led Practice - a bridge to your home yoga practice

As teachers, we are always harping on about the benefits of a home practice. There are many reasons for this which I won’t go into here. The teachers of The Yoga Room (with the help of some level 2 students) hold a Led Practice session every Saturday morning from 7.00am til 8.30am. It runs pretty much all year round, except for Christmas holidays.

Attending Led Practice is a great way to start to become independent of your teacher and work towards practicing at home on your own.

What is led practice?

A teacher or student will call a sequence of Asanas (or poses) and proceed to do them. Everyone follows along, adjusting their own timings, using equipment or maybe not even doing some of the poses. Everyone in the room is doing their own practice, using their own knowledge and working at their own pace. Nobody is going to call you out on anything, judge you on your yoga or even comment. There is usually a teacher present to help if anyone needs help but essentially we all stay on our own mats and do our own practice.

How do I start led practice?

Speak with your teacher about Led Practice if you are thinking of coming along. Your teacher will confirm all the details and answer any questions. To encourage students to come along, as from this week I am introducing a new pricing structure that can be used in conjunction with your term classes or independently.

It looks like this: Casual session – $15 5 sessions – $65 10 sessions paid with term fees – add $100 to your fees. If Led Practice runs in school holidays (which it usually does) then you can do make ups in the holidays, but only within the current term. You can take the 5 session option and use it over the whole term so there is some flexibility.

Thank you to Clair (who is one of our level 2 students) for her thoughts, set out below, on her experience of Led Practice over the past few years, set out below:

Why do led practice?

Having taken some time to get my head around the idea of an early Saturday yoga practice I have become a convert. Now, like all good converts, I’m driven by a need to convince others.

But isn’t it early on a Saturday?

Yes, but you have to get up at some point and sleep is what Saturday afternoons are for. No-one ever felt worse after yoga.

I’m not good enough though…

Good enough for whom? Does it matter? Would letting going of the comparisons and competitiveness make a difference to your practice?

...and I don’t know all those Hindi names!

Most of the poses you will have done before and it’s a great way to learn all the names.

...If a yoga class is like going to training, then led practice is like playing the game. It’s fun, it focuses, it challenges, it reinforces, it extends, it’s non-judgemental and it gives you the confidence to build on your yoga practice.

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Full Timetable starts Monday 5 February

A reminder that our full timetable resumes on Monday 5 Feb at The Yoga Room. (Monday students started last week).

Steph, Fiona, Sharon and myself are keen to finish our planning for Term 1 classes. If you have not yet enrolled, please do so online or contact me. We have been working hard to create a context for the practice of yoga by introducing basic philosophy into all class levels in the school.

This approach will be a comprehensive and cohesive one that enables our students to explore the subject of Yoga as it applies to our work in class each week, and in the wider world.


Intensive started today but you can still join us

It's not too late to join the Intensive.  We had our first morning session today but you can join this afternoon for our restorative session, or start tomorrow morning.

The total number of sessions is six and the total cost is $170.    It is not advisable to do less than three sessions ($85).  See previous post for times and details.

January Yoga Intensive: 31 January-2 February

A three day challenge of ethical living and observing the 8 limbs - the true foundation of Yoga.

In class we mainly practice three of the 8 limbs of yoga: Asana (yoga poses – which are very powerful in themselves), Pranayama (mastery of the breath) and Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses).

In this Intensive we will focus on observing the first two limbs: Yama and Niyama.

The Yamas (ethical disciplines) are:

Ahimsa (nonviolence)

Satya (truthfulness)

Asteya (not stealing)

Brahmacharya (continence or right use of energy)

Aparigraha (not being greedy)

The Niyamas (ethical observances) are:

Saucha (cleanliness)

Santosa (contentment)

Tapas (disciplined effort)

Svadhyaya (self study)

Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender to the universal spirit or God).

Can you go three days observing these principles in your daily life and attending the morning and evening sessions to practice these limbs on the mat? This is the challenge of the Intensive. All students with 3 months experience of yoga welcome.  Kick start your 2018 with this challenge.

Wednesday 31 January   6.30-8.00am and 5.45-7.15pm

Thursday 1 February       6.30-8.00am and 5.45-7.15pm

Friday 2 February           6.30-8.00am and 5.45-7.15pm

Back to Yoga Term 1 2018

Happy New Year to all students of The Yoga Room!  

2018 is going to be a year of consolidating what we have learnt and taking our yoga to the next level.  Term 1 commences on Monday 5 February, with the exception of both Monday 9.30am and 6.00pm classes who start on 29 February due to the Easter Monday Holiday.  If you haven't yet booked, please do so by paying on line or contacting me to pay a deposit to secure your place.  It is a 10 week term for all students. 

We are introducing a philosophy syllabus into the four terms of learning this year.  The philosophy syllabus will run alongside the teaching of poses (Asanas) and Pranayama (breathing techniques).  It will be simple and apply to the practice of yoga.  It will provide a context for the subject of yoga and allow any students who are interested in philosophy to take their interest forward.

On another note, I will run the Intensive from Wednesday 31 Jan to Friday 2 February.  Details to follow.  It will be suitable to all students who have 3months experience of yoga.

Steph, Fiona,  Sharon and myself will see you on the mat in term 1.

Two Introductory Courses in Term 1 2018

The perfect way to start your yoga journey is with a solid foundation and a level of knowledge that allows you to confidently practice according to your capacity.  This foundation is what the Introductory Course focuses on.  Learning to observe what's happening in your body, to be present and focused on the breath and the experience of each pose, is far more important than being flexible or attaining complex poses without understanding.

Two 10 week Introductory Courses will run this term:

Wednesdays 5.30-6.45pm commencing 6 February with Fiona

Thursdays 7.00-8.15pm commencing 7 February with Sharon.

Enrolments are now being taken.  Come and start your yoga journey with us.

Young Living Essential Oils Rally Saturday 13 Jan 9am-12noon

I am hosting a Young Living Essential Oil information session.  It's an opportunity to learn about products through guest speakers, like Dr Jo Braid, and to try some of the essential oils, chemical free cleaning products, mineral make up, Red Ninxia drink and lots more.  Tickets through Eventbrite.

Live your passion Rally's are now in Australia!

Come along for a morning of Yoga, guest speakers, testimonials, prizes and of course Young Living Essential Oils...

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