Yoga for Children in the April School Holidays

How can you have some time out and know that your children are learning a new skill whilst developing focus, creativity and tenacity?  YOGA FOR CHILDREN!!!  Join Fiona and Sharon for some fun.


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Yoga News - The end of 2019 and the start of 2020

It's almost the end of the year!  Thank you to all our students for your dedication and attendance in classes, workshops, Led Practice and other events during 2019.  All students have made steps along the path of learning, studying and practising yoga this year.  Many students have now attended the Home Practice Workshop and have their own regular home practice.  This type of commitment is so visible to teachers and it is so rewarding to see students developing their yoga practice and growing as individuals as well.  

I would particularly like to point out the significant progression of two of our Level 2 students who have worked very diligently and consistently over the past few years.  Kim Gilbank has been accepted to undertake Teacher Training in Canberra with Alan Goode commencing next year.  To train as an Iyengar Teacher is a huge commitment involving trips to Canberra for 7 day blocks, daily practice, anatomy and physiology study, philosophy study and much much more.  Kim's commitment is evident in her strong home practice, her unwavering attendance in class and her ability to see a positive in each asana.  We send to Kim our best wishes and support for her teacher training and study next year.

Owen Williams (pictured)  has been a student at the school for several years having started in the Intro Course with Fiona, moved to Steff's Level 1 class and then the Level 2 class this year.  Ironically Owen expressed his reticence to step up to Level 2 this year!  I am very impressed with his level of application in class and his devotion to home practice, not to mention his endless curiosity and questions!  Owen has been working through the 'Introduction to Sadhana' course (which translates as Introduction to Practice) this year which is designed for students who are wanting to deepen their understanding of the practice of Yoga.  The Sadhana Course is also run through Yoga Mandir and is an online course with guidance from a coordinator in Canberra.  If you are interested in undertaking the Sadhana course I am sure Owen will be happy to speak to you.

Last day of term 4 and First day of Term 1 2020

Our last day of term is Saturday 21 December.  The Yoga Room will reopen on Thursday 2 January with the holiday timetable.  Please see blog post below for Holiday Timetable and please come to class to keep your yoga practice up during the break.  

I will hold an Intensive commencing Wednesday 22 January through to Saturday 25 January - blog post below also.  Our first day of Term 1 2020 is Monday 3 February.  Bookings for term bookings are now open online.

Yogurt for 3-12yrs

See post below for details of YogArt on Wednesday 22 January.

See you all next week for the last week of classes in Term 4!


YogArt - Yoga and Art for Children 3-12yrs Wednesday 22 January

We will again hold YogArt in the January holidays 2020.  This workshop is a fun and healthy way for children to express themselves and learn yoga in a nonjudgmental, friendly environment.  We start with a yoga session followed by a snack, then art led by Abigail Hawke who is a primary school teacher.  We have fun exploring yoga poses within a story or an adventure.  We use our imagination, move our bodies and learn some mindful ways of working together as a group and individuals.  Sometimes the teachers have more fun than the students!

3-6yrs    9.00-10.45am - Yoga and Art

7-12yrs  11.00am-1.00pm - Yoga and Art

The workshops include yoga and art tuition, snacks and art supplies.

Please arrive 5mins before your session and bring a drink bottle and a paint shirt to keep clothes protected.

Bookings: or contact


XMas Gathering and Ladies of the Land Charity

Ladies of the Land Charity

Our shoe boxes are filling up with beautiful gifts for the Ladies of the Land Charity that The Yoga Room is supporting.  If anyone wishes to place a gift in one of the shoe boxes they can do so in the 15 mins before a class or straight after a class.  Teachers will be at The Yoga Room Friday morning practising from 9.00am till 11.00am so feel free to knock on the door.  I will also bring the boxes to the Xmas gathering on Friday evening to give everyone another opportunity to place an item or two in the box.  Magazines, hand cream and anything else you think ladies doing it a little tough on the land would enjoy.   I will then wrap the boxes and take them to the pick up point on Saturday morning.  You might wish to write a message to place in the boxes as well.  Thank you to everyone who has donated something luxurious and special already.  

Xmas Gathering 5.30-8.00pm Friday 6 December

352 Lords Place, Orange

Please come along for a chat and something to eat and drink on Friday evening to celebrate another year of yoga.  You're all welcome to call in for 5mins or 2 hours; we would love to see you there to have a chat and meet other students in our yoga community.  Snacks and nonalcoholic bevies provided but feel free to byo drink.

Yoga Off the Mat - Ladies of the Land Charity Xmas Drive

Most of us are lucky enough to be going about our lives as usual in the current drought conditions.  However, there are people on farms who are having a really difficult time at the moment.  With Christmas approaching, I am asking our yoga community help support a wonderful cause called Ladies of the Land Charity Xmas Drive.  They are collecting shoes boxes filled with product that would make a woman living and working on the land happy in their day to day life.  I will place a couple of shoe boxes at The Yoga Room on Monday morning.  Any students wishing to support women on the land can do so by placing a small item or two into a shoe box.  These items could include luxuries such as lip gloss, moisturiser, beauty products, magazines or any items that may be considered a luxury at this difficult time on the land.  If you would like to know more about this cause, here is the link to the Central West Mums Facebook page with Ami explaining about the cause

My daughter and I are planning to make some bath bombs with beautiful essential oils to place in the box.  You can make product yourself or purchase it.  Please help by buying or making an item or two and placing it in one of the shoe boxes this week.  I will deliver the shoe boxes to the pick up point on Saturday 7 December.  You can also write a message or a card to be included in the box.

Yours in Yoga

Womens' Series Workshop - Yoga for Menopause on Sat 30 Nov and Relax and Restore Class Sun 1 Dec

Womens Series Workshop - Yoga for Menopause and Beyond Sat 30 Nov 1.00-4.00pm

A yoga practice is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  As practitioners we need to adjust our yoga practice to support ourselves during times when the body, mind and emotions are moving through transitions.  Knowing the asanas to practice around those times of flux when the body is energetically different has a profound impact on the way we move through this stage.  Taking time to learn and accommodate the body’s responses to these transitions is an essential part of every woman’s practice.  

The workshop focusses on the asanas that give energy when needed, or calm the nervous system and adrenals to find balance during this transition.  This is a really important workshop for all women approaching menopause or making the transition.  Just as important are the asanas to practice post menopause when hormones have settled and the change upon the body needs to be managed to take us into a healthy third stage of our lives.

Cost:  $45 each which includes notes.

Relax and Restore Class Sunday 1 December 9.30-11.00am

Come onto the mat this Sunday to take some time out for self care.  This class will renew your energy and refocus your priorities for the month ahead.  All students of all levels welcome.  Casual class rate of $23

Christmas -Yoga Kits and Gift Vouchers

Christmas and the time of giving is almost here.  As students of yoga we all value our classes and the opportunity to learn, study and practice Yoga.  Undoubtedly it is a commitment to come to class each week - I am not arguing against that one!   We often feel tired, stressed or don't actually feel we have any time in your week to get to class BUT making the effort to show up each week in class presents its own gifts.  Turning up each week gives us the time to recalibrate or re-set and to continue with our busy lives feeling more cantered and grounded.   Aside from building strength, stamina and fitness, Yoga teaches us think of how we act in the world, noticing if we are present and mindful in our thoughts and actions.  It teaches us how to interact with others and ourselves.  

A weekly class, or classes, carves out time to learn these skills in a space that is nonjudgmental.  Consider giving the gift of Yoga this year to someone who might appreciate a few classes, or even a term of yoga, so they too can receive the gift that Yoga offers us.

I am happy to write a gift voucher for any amount so that a friend or family member can experience the benefits yoga has to offer, and make their life a little more peaceful and grounded.

Yoga Kits

I have also put together some yoga kits that would make a cracker Christmas present for someone special, or yourself!  The kits will be available on Thursday 28  November.

Order by contacting me or let your teacher know.

Basic Yoga Kit

1 mat

1 belt

1 block

Cost:  $49.00

Home Practice Kit

1 mat

1 belt

2 blocks

2 blankets

1 book – How to Use Yoga

Cost:  $135.00

Deluxe Yoga Kit  (The Big Christmas Kahuna)

1 mat

1 belt

1 bolster

2 blocks

2 shoulderstand supports

1 eye pillow

2 blankets

Cost:  $270.00



Over the past few years I have been training in RDT (Raindrop Technique), which is a very relaxing and therapeutic form of massage using Essential Oils.  It is a combination of Reflexology, Native American Indian massage techniques and Western Massage.  It uses 9 therapeutic grade Essential Oils to realign the body, release tension and create a sense of deep relaxation.  If you would like to give a massage to someone, or receive one yourself, I would love to arrange a voucher for you.  Massages will be available from February 2020.