January Holiday Timetable 2019

The New Year means a clean slate and an opportunity to reassess what's important in our lives.   Begin 2019 by renewing your commitment to your yoga practice.  Join us for the following classes, workshops and Intensive in the January break:

Saturday 5 January 9.00am-12noon

 Creating Balance through Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop with Steph (booking essential).  See separate blog post for details on what is Ayurveda.

Tuesday 8 January 6.00pm-7.30pm

Restorative Casual Class with Steph
Thursday 10 January 9.30am-11.00am General Casual Class with Steph
Tuesday 15 January 6.0pm-7.30pm Restorative Casual Class with Steph

Wednesday 16 January 9.00am onwards

Yogart Workshop for children 3-6yrs, 7-12yrs and 13yrs+.  A yoga session followed by morning tea and an art session.

Wed 23-Sat 26 January

Intensive with Tricia - morning asana holds emphasis on active asana and afternoons on restorative and pranayama (see flyer for specific times)


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Enrol for two classes this term and go to Led Practice for free!

To learn and study the art of yoga, a little discipline and consistency is necessary.  We value these qualities highly as teachers and yoga practitioners ourselves.  Ultimately, the more we get on the mat to practice, the greater the rewards to our physical and mental health and to the way we move in the world.  Having a regular practice allows us to take time out of our busy lives to observe, to notice and be present.  Consistently coming onto the mat over time allows us to experience our patterns and habits.

Led Practice

Led Practice is a perfect environment to observe ourselves.  We all practice together - a teacher or Level 2 student calls and leads each asana and we all follow.  We adjust the asanas to our individual capacity by shortening the timings or taking support with equipment.  It's a gateway to home practice and a magnificent way to start your weekend!

Home Practice Workshop

Ultimately, we encourage our students to practise at home.  This keeps a rhythm and situates your yoga practice as part of your life.  It gives it a priority amongst all the other demands and noise in your life and brings harmony and balance.  

The Home Practice Workshop takes place on Saturday 3 August 1.00-4.00pm.  

Join me!  Bookings in class.

Term 3 starts Monday 22 July - Enrol now!

I can't quite believe it's the start of another new term!  The positive side of arriving at the start of term, is that it does give us the opportunity to embark upon the study and practice of yoga with fresh eyes.  Yoga is not a short term endeavour.  It is a path of self study and ultimately, transformation.  This is a big undertaking, but we can break it down into bite size pieces, one term at a time. 

Join Steph, Fiona, Sharon and myself as we tread the path of yoga again this term.   Small steps may mean we learn how to walk a little more comfortably, how to align the body with more ease in Trikonasana.  For some it may mean more range of movement for their golf swing, or maybe even to sit quietly and be present for a few minutes each day.   

What will the practice of Yoga teach you this term?

Holiday Classes this Week

We have one more week of holidays before Term 3 starts on 22 July.  There is a class tomorrow MONDAY 15 JULY AT 9.30AM based around restorative yoga.

There is also Led Practice on SATURDAY 21 JULY AT 7.00AM.

All students are welcome to attend and we would love to see you on the mat to prepare for the term ahead.  Online bookings are open and we hope you will join Steph, Fiona Sharon and myself again this term to continue to study and practice yoga together.

Classes this Week

'Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.'


Although it's great to take a break, two weeks without practising Yoga is quite a long time.  Once Yoga has seeped into your muscles, bones and psyche, it becomes part of your life.  Although it is often tough to make time for ourselves, to have a regular yoga practice is essential on so many levels.  

Firstly, it is the mother of all self care options.  Yes, it's hard work. Yes, you may have to get up early to practice.  Yes, you may have to take time out of your home and work life to come to class each week.  But there is no denying the feeling of being grounded, energised and ready to go back to the busy lives we have, at the end of a class or a practice.  The world is the same, but there is a shift in the way we see the world.  Our perspective changes

Yoga gives us a fit and healthy body.  However, it's the effect on our mind that is most interesting.  There is a lot of talk about mindfulness at the moment but yoga was around long before mindfulness became a concept.  Yoga teaches us to be in the present, to observe ourselves and ultimately the behaviour of the mind, which is usually pretty crazy for most of us.  It is an opportunity to show up and learn about ourselves.  If you want to change your life (or even the world), change yourself first and others around you will start to change.  Yoga is a great tool for this.  When students start to practice regularly, when they show up to class each week and practice a little at home, they often make healthier choices about food, time management or any number of issues.  I'm not claiming you can change the world, or morph into another person, that would be really crazy.  But we can sit with ourselves and really notice what's going on when we practice.  When we invest time in this way, we will see the changes within us.  Small ones that may go unnoticed initially, but keep coming to class or getting on the mat at home, and you will see the shift at some point in time.  That's what keeps us all practising yoga, no matter what our age, ability or circumstances.  Yoga presents us with possibilities to change, to let go of the past and enter a new space in our lives.  

So what are you waiting for?  Get on your mat or get to a class in the holiday break.

Tuesday 9 July 6-7.30pm:  General casual class with Tricia

Wednesday 10 July 9.30-11.00am:  General/Gentle casual with Sharon

Monday 15 July 9.30-11.00am:  General casual with Tricia

Saturday 20 July 7.00-8.30am:  Led Practice with Sharon and Fiona - all levels welcome.

These classes are open to all students.

July Holiday Timetable

Thank you for another term of yoga and for being part of our yoga community.  Please keep up the hard work and come along to the following classes in the holiday break to keep up your practice.  Practising Yoga regularly is a great way to keep away colds, flus and viruses.

 Saturday 6 July 7.00-8.30am Led Practice with Tricia
Sunday 7 July 9.30-11.00am


Relax and Restore with Tricia - Short meditation and yoga for the immune system

Tuesday 9 July 6.00-7.30pm

Restorative Class with Tricia

Wednesday 10 July 9.30-11.00am

Gentle class with Sharon

Monday 15 July 9.30-11.00am

Restorative Class with Tricia

Saturday 20 July 7.00-8.30am

Led Practice with Sharon and Fiona

Relax and Restore Class - The Immune System - Sunday 7 July 9.30-11.00am

Most of us are not great at self care.   In our busy lives self care is not a luxury, it's ESSENTIAL!  Research shows that we cannot perform at our best when we are tired and stressed.  A well structured restorative sequence can reset your nervous system and change your perspective completely.  

Please join me for the final Relax and Restore class of term 2 on Sunday at 9.30am.  We will sit quietly for 10mins to create a space and steadiness conducive to learning.  We will then move to a sequence for the immune system.  This sequence is deeply relaxing and will help to keep away flus and colds.   This is a handy sequence for all yoga practitioners and I encourage you to come along.  The class is suitable for all levels and the cost is $23, unless you have paid for the 5 sessions at the start of term.  

See you Sunday, Namaste