Christmas - Gift Vouchers available

Give the gift of Yoga this Christmas to a friend or family member so they can start their yoga journey.  Alternatively, gift vouchers can be redeemed for equipment or the How to Use Yoga Book.  I am putting together some equipment packages which will be posted in the next day or so, just incase you would like to drop a hint for your own Christmas present!

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YogArt for Young Adults

It was such a great experience to teach yoga to this group.  They were an attentive and focused group of students who approached their yoga with a willingness to learn and refine the poses.  

Milla took them through a 'dirty pour' and they produced some beautiful art works which you can see on the Facebook page 

YogArt 7-12yrs

This group of students worked really consistently on the yoga mat with Sharon to explore yoga poses through a story.  The poses were quite advanced and required the group to listen, watch demonstrations and then apply themselves to take the shape of each pose.  They had to feel what was happening in their body to produce  the interpretation of the pose that worked with their bodies.  It required a lot of focus!

In the art room Kate worked with them to produce some spectacular artworks and colourful headdresses adorned with feathers.   They were a pleasure to teach and expressed themselves enthusiastically and willingly.

YogArt 3-6yrs - Imagination and Art running wild

Wow!  What a lot of work it is to organise this event but what a lot of fun and reward it creates for us as teachers.  The 3-6yrs group really let their imagination run wild in the yoga and art sessions.  They were enthusiastic and produced a huge body of work and learnt a lot of yoga poses after going on an adventure with Kooki the Kookaburra.


The classe are filling up but if you would like to join us for some fun and creativity, please book online:  

3-6yrs     9.00am-11.15am

7-12yrs   10.15am-12.45pm

Adults (young and young at heart)  1.00pm-3.30pm

The young adults classes is open to adults of any age so if you would like to join in we are doing a one hour yoga session followed by an art session.  The art session is a 'dirty pour', a scaled down version of a resin artwork which we will mix and pour onto a canvas.  The result if unpredictable and abstract and it requires no 'artistic talent'.  Just come along and have fun with it.

Yogart - Yoga and Art for Children and Young Adults Wednesday 16 January 2019

Join us for some fun in the holidays with a Yoga session followed by morning tea and art.  The yoga sessions are designed around building coordination, stamina, having fun and learning to be still.  The art sessions encourage creativity and self expression in a friendly environment. 

Yogart 3-6yrs

Come on an exciting journey, use your imagination and explore a world of nature and animals through story.   Led by Fiona Hawke, who many will know from Story Time at the Library, this is a great introduction to Yoga through imagery and fun.  We will have a healthy snack and move on to an art session with Katie Willoughby , who is an experienced art teacher.

Yoga 9.00am-9.45am followed by morning tea and Art 10.00am-11.15am.

Bookings: and scroll down to payment options

Yogart 7-12yrs

Exploring Yoga poses through animals and imagery using balance, coordination and strength, this session is led by Sharon L'Estrange who is an experienced yoga teacher and a nature enthusiast.  Sharon will take the group on an adventure, trekking through the bush, observing the wonders above and below the sea, to arrive ......... in a place of tranquility and peace through guided relaxation.  Feeling rested, the group will have morning tea and move to the art room to get creative with Katie Willoughby, a local art teacher.

Yoga 10.15am-11.00am followed by morning tea and Art at 11.30am-12.45pm.

Bookings: and scroll down to payment options

Yogart 13yrs+

A more sophisticated approach to Yoga including dynamic poses requiring focus and stamina as well as relaxation and learning to bring the mind to stillness.  Adults young and old welcome!

Yoga 1.00pm-2.00pm followed by a snack and Art at 2.15-3.30pm.

Book on and scroll down to payment options

Venue:  The Yoga Room, Upstairs Orange Arcade.

Please arrive 10 mins early to your session:

3-6yrs  9.00am-11.15am

7-12yrs  10.15am-12.45pm

13yrs+  1.00pm-3.30pm

Yoga sessions led by Tricia Shannon, Fiona Hawke and Sharon L’Estrange.

Art Sessions led by Katie Willoughby and Milla Niven.

 Cost:  $50 one child/young adult, $85 two siblings or $110 three siblings.


Bookings essential.

January 2019 Intensive

Coming onto the mat each day allows us the opportunity to put aside external concerns and be present in a much more significant way than coming to class once a week.  Committing to classes is fantastic, but devoting time to attend the Intensive will take you deeper into your practice and present new opportunities for learning  that only come from this extended format.  I invite you to come along and commit to looking deeper at your practice, regardless of your class level or experience.  Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday 23 January 6.30am-8.00am and 5.45pm-7.15pm
Thursday 24 January
6.30am-8.00am and 5.45pm-7.15pm
Friday 25 January
6.30am-8.00am and 5.45pm-7.15pm
Saturday 26 January

8.30am-10.00am and 4.00pm-5.30pm



Cost for 8 sessions:




Cost for 4 sessions:


Cost for 2 sessions: