Term 3 Enrolments now Open

Next week is our last week of term.  I wish to thank all our students who have persevered through the winter so far to attend their weekly classes.  This weekly commitment will keep the colds and flus away and support your immune system.  A regular practice of yoga keeps us balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. I am sure you have noticed a difference from when you enter The Yoga Room at the beginning of the class, to when you walk out the door.  The world is still crazy busy, but somehow it's a little easier to step back and see it clearly, rather than getting drawn into the drama of it.

Enrolments are open for Term 3 which runs from Monday 22 July to Saturday 28 September.  Booking on line is simple.  Follow this link and select your classes https://orangeyogaroom.com.au.  If you need any information about which class to enrol in, please consult your teacher or contact me.  

As a way of saying thank you to our students, I am offering free Led practice in term 3 for any students who enrole in two classes per week.  My hope is that this offer gives you the incentive to renew your commitment to your yoga and to progress steadily and methodically through term 3.  If you enrol for two classes, please don't select Led Practice, or you will have to pay for it at the checkout!  Instead, select your two classes and email me to advise you are coming to Led Practice.  You will put a big smile on my face!

The holiday timetable will be available in the next few days.

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We're Easing back to Face to Face Classes!!

We are finally coming back into the studio!  We have strict guidelines and I am asking students to bring as much equipment as possible to enable us to all keep safe.  Could you please bring your own mat.  If you have blocks, a belt and a blanket, please also bring them to class.  Please also bring a towel or a large piece of fabric to place over the soft equipment.  There is equipment at the Yoga Room for student use but it would be great if you could bring at least a mat.  Thanks for your cooperation and contact me if you have questions.

Below is the timetable for the weekend commencing Monday 22 June.  Please note we have added two classes in the studio this week:  Monday 6.00pm and Wednesdasy 9.30am.  We will continue to add more as weeks go by.

Timetable for Week 22 June

Monday 22 June

Monday 9.30-11.00am - General Level Online Zoom Class

Monday 6.00-7.30pm - Experienced and General Level Class Zoom and Studio Class

Tuesday 23 June

9.30-10.30am Yoga Basics Online and Zoom class suitable for beginners and general level

Wednesday 24 June

Wednesday 6.30-7.30am Dynamic Online Zoom Class - suitable for general and experienced.

Wednesday 9.30-11.00am - Gentle/General/Beginner Zoom and Studio Class.

Wednesday 6.00pm General Level Online Zoom Class.

Thursday 25 June

Thursday 9.30-11.00am - General Level Online Zoom Class which can be streamed from 2.00pm that day to practice that night.

Saturday 26 June

Saturday 7.15-8.30am - Led Practice Online Zoom - suitable for all students with basic knowledge of asanas.

Whether it's online or in the studio, please get your practice organised for the week, jump on your mat, and help keep our doors open.  We can't wait to see you all again!

Please note all students will need to comply with the Conditions of Entry set out below:

Guidelines for Entry to The Yoga Room

As The Yoga Room reopens, the safety of our students and teachers is paramount.  We have put measures in place to priories the health and wellbeing of all.

Conditions of Entry for all Visitors to the room:

Visitors are not permitted to enter The Yoga Room if they:

  • are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose persistent cough, shortness of breath, fever); 
  • have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 (during the period of time in which the virus is contagious);
  • are waiting on the results of a test for COVID-19;
  • reside with anyone who is waiting on results of a test for COVID-19; 
  • Have returned from international travel and failed to observe the government requirement to quarantine for 14 days.

Visitors who are not subject to any of the above conditions for exclusion must be willing and able to agree to the following requirements:

  • leave the site immediately if they become unwell, after notifying a staff member;
  • at all times, maintain social distancing measures (as per NSW Health guidelines);
  •  maintain good personal hand hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly and /or using hand sanitizer;
  • maintain good respiratory hygiene by coughing or sneezing into their elbow or a tissue, and then disposing of tissues immediately; 
  • provide The Yoga Room with their name and contact details and consent to The Yoga Room providing their name and contact details to the NSW Department of Health or any other third party government department, as required to enable contact tracing procedures; 
  • acknowledge that they may be asked to wait, or be refused entry in the event that the site has reached its total capacity under NSW Health social distancing requirements. 

Thank you for your cooperation and welcome back!

Classes on Monday 8 June

Hi yoga community,

A short post to let you know that classes continue as normal tomorrow Monday 8 June.  If you wish to attend the Monday 9.30am online class and you don't have a membership or haven't paid for the term, please a casual class on the website:  https://orangeyogaroom.com.au/collections/all/products/9-30am-monday-class.

I will be posting soon on how The Yoga Room will proceed with classes in the near future.  We will continue with online classes indefinitely at this stage, so please support our yoga school and book a casual class next week.  This will ensure we can keep our school functioning over the next 6 months.

See you on the mat!

Term 2 Online Classes - Jump on in!!

Hey there on this wet weekend!  Thanks for enrolling for Term 2 if you've already done so.  If not, it's not too late to join us on the mat for Online classes this term.  Below is the timetable and enrolment options.  If you missed this week, I will send you a link to stream your class at your convenience

You are also welcome to attend on a casual basis. 



9.30-11.00am - General Level Class online with Tricia

6.00-7.30pm - Experienced Level Class online with Tricia


9.30-11.00am - Yoga Basics online with Tricia
(available for streaming 2.00pm-10.00pm same day)


6.30-7.30am - Dynamic Class on line with Sharon
9.30-11.00am - Gentle Class on line with Sharon
6.00-7.30pm - General Class online with Fiona


9.30-11.00am - General Level Class with Tricia
(available for streaming 2.00pm-10.00pm same day)

Children's Yoga

Children's Yoga 3-7yrs with Fiona

(available for streaming - enquire for further details)


7.15-8.30am Led Practice

Levels of Experience

Yoga Basics

For students with no experience or a basic level of experience, ie less than 6 months

General Level

For students with a solid foundation in the practice of yoga who can alter timings and take support as required.


For students who have a committed home practice and who have been practicing consistently for at least 2 years.

Bookings and Memberships

10 Class Pass $190

Includes 10 x classes and 10 complimentary Led Practice sessions

5 Weeks Unlimited Membership $150

Includes access to all classes, except children's, new content as it becomes available, Led Practice in the 5 week period and a Restorative Class to stream.


10 Weeks Unlimited Membership $290

Includes access to all classes, except children's, new content as it becomes available, Led Practice in the 10 week period and two Restorative Classes to stream.


Casual Class $20

Casual Led Practice $15

Children's Yoga $22 (not included in membership)

* Prices are per household.

COVID-19 Update

It is with much sadness that I inform our student body that The Yoga Room will close it's doors at midday today, in compliance with government direction.  Our school has delivered yoga classes, workshops, YogArt and Led Practice to our community for 22years now and I am extremely proud of our teachers and our students in their progression and learning along the yoga path.

I feel very strongly about continuing to offer yoga to students as it is through what we have learnt in our yoga practice that we are able to 'tread the path between caution and courage', as Fiona reminded me last Saturday.  I am unsure if we will reopen again but I am determined to continue to provide yoga classes to our valued students on line at this point in time.

I am offering Zoom classes as from this morning.  The Monday classes have been informed via email about procedures to join their regular class and I will be sending out emails to each class with information on how we will proceed on line.  This is taking time and energy to put together and I ask for your patience as I get our Zoom classes up and running.  The format won't be perfect but we are open online and still offering classes for the rest of term.  Please join me on the mat and practice your class in your home - maybe other family members might like to join you?

I will give further updates on our online options in the near future.  In the meantime, look out for the email and jump on Zoom for your regular class until term finishes.  

Love, light, blessings and good health to you and your family,

Yours in Yoga


COVID-19 update on what precautions The Yoga Room is taking

Below is a copy of the email I sent out yesterday.  It appears some students did not receive it so I am posting again.

I am reviewing our classes due to the implications of Covid-19.  As valued students of The Yoga Room, we wish to maintain healthy guidelines as set out by the NSW Government.

In line with this advice, the following steps are to minimise unnecessary risk to students and teachers.  Things are moving fast but at this stage our school needs to observe the following:

  • Could all students wash and dry their hands in the bathroom before and after class.  There is also hand sanitiser on the table as you walk in the door.  
  • Disinfectant Spray is available to clean all mats after the class and the mats will be left out to dry thoroughly after each class.
  • You can also spray blocks.
  • NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN YOGA EQUIPMENT.  There are some mats available at The Yoga Room.  If you have your own mat, belt and blocks, please bring them to class.  You can also purchase equipment from Iyogaprops.
  • No adjustments will be made to students in class.
  • Please spread out as much as possible
  • If you return from an overseas trip please don’t come to class for 14 days.

Times are uncertain and a yoga practice is invaluable to keep us calm and allow us to adapt to this unknown situation as it changes.  I will keep all students up to date as changes occur.

Keep practising to keep your immune system strong and I will see you on the mat.

Yours in Yoga

News: Easter Workshop, a Simple Sequence for Your Home Practice and Handy Tips

Hi there, it's Tricia here!

I can't believe we are halfway through term one already and Easter is just around the corner.  I hope you are enjoying your class and are gaining confidence with your yoga.  Steph, Fiona, Sharon and myself LOVE sharing our knowledge and seeing you grow and progress along the yoga path.  

This gorgeous autumn weather is perfect for an early morning practice.  So set your alarm 20 mins earlier tomorrow, roll out your mat and practice this simple sequence.  Afterwards, you will feel energised, clear headed and able to move through your day with ease.  

Home Practice

A Short Simple Morning Sequence

Handy hints for Practice:  Remember to keep your wareness on your breath and work to your individual capacity.  If you have the book How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta (see below), I have placed the relevant page number near the Asana so you can follow along. 

Forward Virasana (P 27):  Support forehead and buttocks to rest comfortably, especially if you have cranky knees.  Alternatively lay on your back with legs up the wall.  Relax the jaw, breath quietly for a minute or two.

Baddhangullyasana (p 17 seated version):  Stand in Tadasana or sit on a chair or with legs crossed. Interlock the fingers, press the palms away from the chest and inhale to raise the arms up.  Take 6 breaths.  Bring the arms down, change the interlock and go on the second side.  


Trikonasana (p 15):  From Tadasana (p 13), step or jump the feet apart, turn to the right.  Exhale the right hand to the shin, top arm stretching up.  Turn the chest and look up (if you are balanced).   You can take the top arm to a chair if feeling unstable, or if menstruating.  Inhale come up and go to the other side.

Warrior I (p 17):  From Tadasana, step or jump the feet wider than the last pose and turn to the right.  As you inhale, take the hands to hips (beginner) or take the arms above the head (experienced - as per image above).  Turn the right (toes out 90 degrees and turn the left toes in a little deeper) and turn the chest out over the right leg.  As you exhale, bend the right knee to a square.  Keep the left leg firm and left heel pressing to the mat to create stability.  Inhale come up, turn and go on the left side.  Keep hands to hips if menstruating or if too strong on the shoulders.

Marichyasana III:  Sit on a blanket or similar height with legs straight out in front (Dandasana).   Bend the right knee and place the heel close to the groin.  Inhale the left arm up, exhale and turn to the right, placing the left elbow on the outer right knee.  You can also clasp the knee for a gentler version.  Place the right hand on the floor or to a block to keep the spine straight.  Take 6 breaths, inhale to come back to the centre and repeat on the left side.  

Note:  If menstruating, twist on the open side, i.e. place the right elbow on the inside of the right knee and turn to the left. This way the abdomen is kept soft 


Savasana (p 49):  Lay on your back, close your eyes and focus on exhaling away any tension.  Stay for up to 10mins.

Gently roll to the side, come up to sitting and enjoy the effects of your practice.  Well done and have a great day!!

Book Review - How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta

This is a wonderful book for beginners as well as experienced students.   It is well illustrated with concise descriptions of each Asana.  It has a 10 week course as well as sequences for headaches, menstruation, stiff hips and stiff shoulders.  You can purchase a copy at the Studio for $25.00.  It's also widely available on line.

Easter Holiday Workshop 

'Can you answer your thoughts with the breath?'

This is a quote from an article I read recently and it stuck in my head.  It's such a simple question, and yet the challenge is very real.  This is the question ask ourselves in the Holiday Workshop.

I'm so excited to be offering this workshop.  I'm a real fan of this longer format which gives us the opportunity to look in more detail at this simple but challenging question.  I would love for you to join me while the weather is perfect for early morning practice.

The morning sessions will focus on active but steady, grounded asana practice.  The evenings will focus on quiet, inward looking asana with a focus on Pranayama (breathing exercises), Savasana and working towards meditation.  The workshop is suitable for all levels and will take your yoga to a place that is more considered, steady and thoughtful.  I offer all students the following times and options:

 Tuesday 21 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm Restorative Asana and Pranayama or Deep Savasana and meditation
Wednesday 22 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm As above
Thursday 23 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm  As above
Friday 24 April 6.30-8.00am Asana 5.30-7.00pm As above.


8 sessions:  $175

6 sessions:  $145

4 sessions:  $100

2 sessions:  $54.

Booking now open.  Use this link:  https://orangeyogaroom.com.au/collections/all/products/easter-holiday-workshop or enrol and pay in class.

See you on the mat!